Man Discovers Longevity Breakthrough

This is a very long letter I will encourage you to read to the end for better understandingunderstanding

Those who have health challenges ranging from malaria, typhoid, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Weakness in the Bedroom, Infections, Ulcer, Eyesight problems etc. If you are patient enough to read you will be happy with yourself.

So suspend whatever you are doing and read this carefully

You must have seen people eating and drinking in dirty places especially in some part of Lagos but still you see them healthy the next day, if you stand in that same place for 1hr without even eating you end up in the hospital


Why do some people never get sick?

Have you ever asked yourself this question before?

They are probably doing what you are not doing or they are just the lucky ones.

Why do you Get sick Every Single time?

You must had probably asked your Dr this question.

Some people easily fall sick every now and then

I will tell you why and how you can stop it today!

In this letter you will discover how to live a healthy and peaceful life without drugs


I am not a medical Doctor

I am a man who died severally due to sickness and drugs complications; you will use my experience to avoid same mistakes I was making

Dear Friends

Falling sick every time is a bad experience no man loves especially when money is not your problem.

No one loves sickness and no one prays to have sick child/children, those who have are very sad

My name is Wilson Ekadem, I will be 50yrs on the 21st of November this year to be precise, NNPC senior staff, married, and blessed with 5kids, 4 beautiful daughters and a handsome son.

I travel a lot on official assignments and personal trips

Due to every day sickness people saw me as a sickler, some people even gossip in my office that I had HIV/AIDS because taking drugs was a daily routine to keep my day going.

My weekly sickness started when I was 40yrs old and it took me 7 good years to find permanent solution

These were my doctor’s advice

Sleep well, Eat well, Do Exercise Etc.

I followed his advice but nothing change. Sometimes I will think my problem was from my village,

Maybe I did something wrong and someone cursed me, Maybe attack from my office, Maybe someone is trying to kill me so I don’t enjoy all I worked for, maybe someone is trying to kill and remarry my beautiful wife.

You can imagine all those random thoughts. I became a regular customer to all the pharmacies and chemist stores in my estate.

I became tired and frustrated one day I almost died or Died  inside Etihad airways plane on my way to London, I remember I took typhoid drugs that evening before boarding, I found myself in St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London.

From the doctor findings: I was suffering from side effects of frequent anti malaria, typhoid and strong antibiotic drugs I took. He listed the side effects of anti-malaria drugs to me below

Blur vision
loss of appetite,
muscle or joint pain,
abdominal pain,
Trouble sleeping (insomnia).
chest pain,
fainting, or
Fast/irregular/pounding heartbeat.
All those while I didn’t know that drugs I frequently took to cure malaria, typhoid and others minor infections where creating more sickness in my system.

I told the doctor why I was taking those medications.

He immediately ordered one of his nurses to conduct some tests on me.

Result came out and all I needed to do was to work on my immune system, He confirmed my immune system was weak, easily open to every little illness that anytime serious sickness come my way I will die.

He confirmed that I might not live 2 more years if things continue this way

He gave me some drugs that helped my stay in London till I returned to Nigeria.

I am too young to die, I Have a young family, my mum is still alive, Oh Who will take care of my children, oh my wife cannot live witho


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